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Velvet Underground: Rock and Roll

The Sounds: Rock and Roll

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Loving it...

Meanwhile, here's the Cramps take on the subject.

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Mad about You

Jackie Cane

2 Wicky

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I don't normally go for drum solos, but this is worth sharing. Listen with headphones.

Crazy audio below the cut:

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Sep. 13th, 2010 09:35 pm
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It's a bit embarrassing to show up to a lesson only to admit that I completely forgot the riff I worked on last week. This time I insisted on taking notes.

Trying to work my way through Boneshaker by Cherrie Priest.

Pretentiously silly steampunk (not goth! not goth!) video under the cut.

Grumble, grumble, focused so hard on developing the first half of my courses that I'm behind on the second half.

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Just coincidentally, the shrink brought this subject up the other day.

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Van Canto performs epic heavy metal a cappella with drums.

Master of Puppets (audio only)

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You hear one of those dysfunctional-relationship songs you loved when you were 20, and start thinking "dump the motherfucker already?" And, "was I really that stupid?"

Concrete Blonde, "Joey"

And for some alternative stuff, Leonard Cohen.

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Discovered this via youtube, you so rarely hear female vocalists hit that low of a register. Monique Ortiz's tenor is really distinctive.

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It occured to me the other day riding home from DragonCon that Tom Waits is probably riffing off of Howlin' Wolf in terms of vocal style.

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Screaming Jay Hawkins

The Cramps

More Cramps

Which when you get the cramps, you might get these blues.

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funky town

electric avenue

stevie wonder on sesame street

stevie wonder using the talkbox


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