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Brigit on the Phone

Hey Egret! It's Brigit, your ex-housemate!

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Dear dairy;

My college dream has come true. Hermionie asked me to move into the Alien Heritage House.

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From: Informant M.
To: YSC(PIT)W, Strangetown Unit
Subject: Surveillance of Super Criminals (probationary, in training) at Sim State University

For reasons unknown to the informant, the primary subject and companions have moved off-campus, perhaps in an attempt to create a secret hideout.

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I got this letter from Mom today. It's nice to know that things are going OK at home. But I'm worried about some things.

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dear mom,

i hope this gentle missive finds you well wherever you are. the quality of paper and voltives available at this august institunion of advanced pedagogy are much less than were available at the orphanage. and the dormatory offers few places to hold a proper seance. i can only trust in the powers that be that this epistle will reach its destination.

i have taken your earlier advice to heart, and tried to temper my devotion to the study of numeric laws and theories with exploration of the gentler arts of fellowship, discourse, and dance.

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I'm so glad that I'm at University now, those High School boys are like, so immature. I can't believe how lame they are.

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Dear Diary,

I can't believe what Kate just revealed to me. I know she was a bit weird, but I always thought it was because she is a bit smarter than everyone else....

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Parties, lovers, family, and angry cheerleaders.

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Neil Neanderthal and Kate Smith

Neil Neanderthal: Hey Kate, did you see that Rolf spent a lot of money on a new bed?

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The continuing profile of the Seeker family.

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Sometimes the god does not always get what he wants. I try to be a benevolent god, but I'm not omnipotent, and apparently I'm not omniscient either. And as much as I try to give them what they want, sometimes they end up fixing things on their own.

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