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I don't know why I'm going next. I'm the youngest, shouldn't I go last?

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I suppose I might as well begin the biguine on this one. Better to write the prelude than the coda I suspect.

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Help me decide what to do with my gay but beautifully weird offspring? Morganucodon (on the left) is just begging to pass those big-eyed genes on. I'm toying with grimpregnation and alien abduction.

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Pancreatet and Cyd

Catching up with Pancreatet's family:

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Gabby and Mabus

What happened to Gabby and Mabus?

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Mabus #666 Sings

In this episode, deities get married, get into accidents, get kicked out, and are informed of their place in the evolutionary tree.

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Splash Screen

In which Pancreatet gets postpartum stress, Sigrund gets thwapped, and Mabus finds himself on a slippery slope.

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Splash Screen

What will happen next‽ Who will take Pancreatet's place‽ How much fun can one have with an interrobang anyway‽ Some answers will be revealed!

You might want to review the earlier stories.

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Splash screen

More fun and games from the freaky foursome.

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Splash Screen with character names

What scary experiences await our divine beings as they enter the world of mortal dating?

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