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Caitlyn Jenner comes out, and social conservatives take an apocalyptic view

But among the social conservatives who are a powerful force within the Republican Party, there is a far darker view. To them, the widespread acceptance of Jenner’s evolution from an Olympic gold medalist whose masculinity was enshrined on a Wheaties box to a shapely woman posing suggestively on the cover of Vanity Fair was a reminder that they are losing the culture wars.

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Bailey and Vilain in the LA Times:

President Obama is correct to oppose sexual orientation conversion therapy, which is usually offered because of religious objections to homosexuality, and which doesn't work. But therapy to help a pre-adolescent child overcome gender dysphoria can be entirely different. Some professionals who do this therapy have no moral issue with transgenderism but are trying to help children avoid later medical stress. That is a reasonable goal, even if it is not the only possible goal.

Leela Ginelle for Bitch

Not according to Bailey and Vilain. To their minds, gender non-conforming kids should either become girls today or act like a man—and it's the adult's choice not the child's. The two can't seem to register that children's gender identities belong to them and not to the outdated binary norms they write about.


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