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Mar. 23rd, 2011 10:02 am
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Anna Torv is having entirely too much fun impersonating Leonard Nemoy on Fringe.
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This weekend I went back to watching the Dr. Who specials that came between No. 10 (David Tennant) and No. 11 (Matt Smith). I generally have mixed feelings about the Tennant run. The series is great fun when you have a nice self-contained series or episode. The end-of-series episodes generally tend to be an incomprehensible mash up of fan service and plot garbage. The specials that mark the transition between Doctors are no exception to this rule.

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The nano novel is starting to shape up. It's half cyberpunk, and half Dharma bums. I have the opening two chapters, the first meeting of two pivotal characters, and a bunch of placeholders for stuff to fill in later.

We are renting Lost for the first time, which is pleasantly surprising because television is such crap that even the shows hailed as the best often disappoint me. My goodness, an intelligently written science fiction/suspense show that doesn't suck? A show that may actually have elements of metafiction embedded into it? I don't quite know what to make of it, I suspect that the Island is a big MacGuffin, but it certainly has my interest.

Speaking of television, I spent some downtime from my interview watching a few hours, and discovered:

- There is no longer any actual network news on during primetime, just talking heads pimping outrage.

- I'm pleased that Claudia Black and Ben Browder of Farscape have a job. But it is a crying shame that the show is unwatchable.

- Explosions do not save movies about mythical monsters.


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