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Self's protocols didn't cover what to do after winning the "contest" so self was forced to improvise.

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Gemma and Mickey

No plot, no narrator, no problem. Just pics.

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Bascal: Welcome to a new episode of Strangetown Matchmaker, brought to you by Nigmoswear Sports Goggles. I'm your host for this episode, Bascal Curious.

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Stan Gerbits about to be squished

The entertainment world is abuz with news of the shocking death of Stan Gerbits, former movie star and host of Strangetown Matchmaker. Inside, the Strangetown Tattler brings you the photos that no one else dares to print.

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Splash image

Stan: Good evening, thank the strangetown god that I'm Stan Gerbits, here to bring you another episide of freaks gone wild, I mean Strangetown Matchmaker.

This episode broght to you by Lothlorios, the woohoo protection of choice for university-bound sims. )
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The primal scream of the cheerleader

Stan: Hello, I'm Stan Gerbits and you are certainly someone else. We have an exciting epsiode for you today filled with plenty of surprises.

This episode brought to you by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Service Sims and Athletic Mascots. (28 half-sized images) )
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Hello, I'm Stan Gerbits, and you are someone else. Welcome to another episode of Strangtown College Matchmaker, the reality show where we put 6 sims in a college house together and find out who gets to be the old maid at the end, and Oh Benevolent God, you are not supposed to be here! You are supposed to be dead!

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"Hello, I'm Stan Gerbits and you are not. Welcome to the first episode of Strangetown Matchmaker. We have five interesting young men and women as contestants on this show. Yes, you heard me right, men and women. Might as well give our "lucky" bachelor a bit of a choice, and what choices we have!"

Neanderthals! Cyborgs! and Pirates! Oh! My! )


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