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lakshmi getting spritzed

Yeah, that's not remotely suggestive.

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Bonnie has a Birthday

I've figured that the best way to cheat the whole courtship/compatibility problem is to have your heirs date classmates, and then throw a birthday party for your best friend. Nothing like grabbing the teen sweetheart. So Lakshmi Martinez gets Bonnie Simovitch of the great personality and unfortunate hair. 

Since I'm trying out Generations, I throw a batchelorette party for Lakshmi, which turns out to be just as tasteless as the real thing. The exotic dancer shows up, sets up in the bathroom, and gets immediately shooed out. And unlike every other party, the guests just won't go home. I had the exotic dancer and two other guests sleeping on lawnchairs.

After a morning's sleep and a shower, it's time for the of Lakshmi and Bonnie of the unfortunate hair.

Constance of the behive hair, is really excited by the wedding. She's so excited, she spends the next three hours of game time throwing rice at an empty arch.

Three discoveries about weddings in Generations:
1: You get valuable prizes and gifts.
2: Newlyweds are extremely affectionate with each other.
3: They have a "get frisky" interaction, which appears to mean, "let's have a quickie."

Since I'm the impatient sort, Bonnie of the less unfortunate hair calls the adoption agency the next day. The day after Chandra arrives I get the doll, and pretty soon I have toddler-doll interactions. Toddlers are obsessed with the magic doll. And the magic doll is obsessed with the toddler, teleporting to whatever room the toddler happens to be in.

So Chandra ages up. Eats cake goes to bed, and is awakened by Bink the Doll. I can't figure out if this is cute or creepy.
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image of sim going to prom

I was holding off on getting an expansion because my 9-Generation legacy was starting to get intolerably slow load times. I probably didn't help things much by sending siblings off into the neighborhood to fill it up with second and third cousins, all of whom have the full family tree.

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Babylon 5

Jun. 20th, 2011 03:13 pm
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I watch old television.

For some reason, I've started to watch Babylon 5 now that I'm finally over the negative association I had with a certain ex who took it way too seriously. Anyway, it's a mixed-bag of a science fiction series. On the one hand, it has a tendency to get overbearing and preachy, especially when it comes to the whole Delenn/Sheridan interspecies partnership as the chosen ones of a prophesy (involving wibbly-wobbly time travel) to save the galaxy from Big Bad.

On the other hand, where the show has some real magic to it is in dealing with the Little Bad of Londo-G'Kar-Vir. For most of the first season, Londo plays Bugs Bunny to G'Kar's overly serious Elmer Fudd. That changes when Londo takes a devil's deal to rekindle a centuries-old war between Londo's Centauri and G'Kar's Narn, with obvious parallels to Poland, Palestine, and Vietnam.

Londo is a nicely conflicted villain who embodies Neil Gaiman's maxim, "The cost of getting what you want, is getting what you wanted." G'Kar, no less a bigot than Londo, emerges as the moral prophet of the series. While Vir is the sorrowful low-level functionary who can't do much more than stutter apologies or say, "I told you so."

One of the best scenes involves minimal dialogue, Vir backs into an elevator to find an angry G'Kar staring at him. Over the course of a long silent minute, Vir works up the courage to mutter a heartfelt apology. G'Kar lets Vir hang for long moments, before delivering a poetic rejection.

It's the small moments like this where the show shines, and it's tendency to get preachy is forgivable.

In other random spew, I'm thinking about getting the Generations expansion for Sims 3, but I'm holding off until I get my current family through the 10th generation. Although I'm starting to have the ugly load-time curse at Generation 9.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Playing heavily into Sims 3 lately, even split my legacy family in two and sent the younger brother off to start a new legacy. I'm enjoying the fact that I'm probably at generation seven or eight and my core neighborhood hasn't shown signs of blowing up yet. I don't feel like extensively documenting my game with screenshots, but as a rough synopsis:

Janet Martinez: I really should have documented the drama. While she was pregnant with her second son by a hot-headed, inappropriate, and commitment-phobic husband, he made a pass at one of her moms at a birthday party. Things quickly degenerated from there with a mutual insulting match, a crying toddler, and a mess of unhappy party guests. Of course, it made working with the toddler more difficult.

Michael Martinez: Married the maid and moved off to another community.

Used tax return funds to buy Portal 2. I'm loving the lush and decrepit environments and black humor. I've been trying to stay away from spoilers so I won't add any of my own. The puzzles so far feel more cognitive and less twitch than the original.

Nibbling my way through NWN and Dragon Age 2 playthroughs over the weekend as well.
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From Sims 3 6/12/10 3:12 PM

The first thing Michelle does to exercise her new-found maternal instincts is to steal candy from a random child in front of the bookstore.

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Ok, we already know that Sims3 has a streamlined interface, different goal structures, in-game customization and the option to adjust body morphs. But before I spend my $50, I want to know how the game runs on the system you edit for. Was it developed for both platforms ala World of Warcraft, or is it a Cider port with all of that baggage? How does it run? What kind of memory and disk usage can I expect? Give me a preview that doesn't dish an improved EA Games press release.


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