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What we learned from CSI this week, and some personal stuff:

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Doing a lot of work lately:

  • Playing with user javascript
  • Playing a lot of geneforge.
  • Working on rebuilding my home pages for the first time in about 6 years.
  • Grinding my way through nitty gritty work on my thesis.

At work, I finally managed to get much needed training on how to configure the Korg keyboards at the Music Library, which should save me quite a bit of frustration.

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Why does stuff come up on my LJ out of order?

Worried about [livejournal.com profile] pixel_and_bean's dad. We need to swing a way to get down there somehow, but cash and vacation time are going to be tight.

I checked out Prime Suspect Season One, which is one of those mystery crime shows that you just have to watch. But I thought it was rather unrealistic. The whole premise of the show is that blood typing leads them to identify a suspect in the crime early. But they let him go anyway having only blood and circumstantial evidence. After I got though the first hour, I thought, "heck, in America, they put black men on death row with worse evidence." It sort of tainted my view of the remaining three hours during which they engage in increasingly intrusive invasions of the suspect's background.

I'm working on a random uglacy, should have pics soon.

And news of the stupid behind the cut:

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