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A good Samaritan story: A Jewish man assaulted on the New York subway for saying "Happy Hanukkah" is aided by a Muslim student from Bangladesh.

The Colorado Springs church shooter identified as bisexual with a troubled relationship in his church.

The Pope declares that gay marriage is a threat to world peace.

I'm gonna retreat back into game worlds now.
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I kid you not, an Orangina advertisement that combines multiple levels of motion capture furry wrongness into two minutes of the most hilarious bundle of offense I've ever seen animated. For the next month, every time I see one of their distinctive orange bottles in the wine cooler, I'm going to think "Octopus woman" and start chortling. It's a film that should get a warning to not drink and watch.

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Feministe has a disturbing article about harassment of game designer Jade Raymond. Things like this really make me hate the gaming community.
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My tooth hurts, I chucked a ton of paperwork at a local agency for people without health insurance within 200% of the poverty line, but it's still going to be at least a week before I can get an appointment.

In other news of the stupid, the U.S. Navy is spending $600,000 to renovate a building that looks like a swastika.

And a Chinese MMORPG is banning cross-gender rolepay and using webcam verification of gender. Slashdot offers the usual boyzone. Terra Nova, the collaborative blog of MMORPG research has a more nuanced view. And then there is the view from [livejournal.com profile] queer_rage
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Why does stuff come up on my LJ out of order?

Worried about [livejournal.com profile] pixel_and_bean's dad. We need to swing a way to get down there somehow, but cash and vacation time are going to be tight.

I checked out Prime Suspect Season One, which is one of those mystery crime shows that you just have to watch. But I thought it was rather unrealistic. The whole premise of the show is that blood typing leads them to identify a suspect in the crime early. But they let him go anyway having only blood and circumstantial evidence. After I got though the first hour, I thought, "heck, in America, they put black men on death row with worse evidence." It sort of tainted my view of the remaining three hours during which they engage in increasingly intrusive invasions of the suspect's background.

I'm working on a random uglacy, should have pics soon.

And news of the stupid behind the cut:

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I have to admit, the McFarlaine toys attract me for about 10 minutes, before I remember that the love-fest surrounding him in the 90s encouraged me to drop out of comics. But this is just beyond lame, I give you Santa

Wow, a santa figure that is derivative of at least three different horror movies. Then you have the Mrs. Claus which gives us the obligatory Frank Miller love-in.

Speaking of Frank Miller, Frank Miller, meet Martha Wash.


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