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The bat

vell, I might as vell tell you the other side of the story. You won't get it from my dad. He's nice and all but he's such a narcicist.

The horror, the horror! )

It's Egret

Sep. 7th, 2006 10:40 pm
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Egret sings the tunes

I suppose that since my dad tells his story, you might as well hear my side of it.

The cutest teens in strangetown. )
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Smokey looking at himself

My grand effort of bringing the story of my parents' life to film didn't get started right away. Although I quickly locked up the movie rights to any biographical treatment of my mom's athletic career, the next few days were spent taking care of my family.

Cute kids, and a triple birthday. )
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Nervous outta control

Life spins out of control no matter what you do.

Life changes with the Nervous-Curious family )
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To be honest, the conception of my daughters was a mystery even to me. Sometimes I suspect that some invisible hand is playing us like dolls. Or perhaps it is just my unique alien heritage at work.

Pull the String! Pull the String! )
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The days preceding my wedding were a whirlwind of getting to know my family again. Curiously they had apparently changed at all since I left, seemingly many days ago.

Same Sex Marriage! Nervous Subject! )


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