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Summary: Wrex and Grunt say "Shepard" a lot. Takes place after synthesis ending.

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Description: Attempt at a post-synthesis ME3 fiction series exploring survival and reconstruction on Earth immediately after the original ending. Samara and original Quarian and Asari characters.

Mass Effect: Deliverance Days, Part 1

Wailing her woe, the widow old,
her hair upbound, for Beowulf’s death
sung in her sorrow, and said full oft
she dreaded the doleful days to come,
deaths enow, and doom of battle,
and shame. -- The smoke by the sky was devoured.

D minus 4 hours, London: "Goddess no!" With long practice Samara turned her rage into cool and disciplined force directed at the Marauder in front of her. Kilometers ahead of her, the invasion force trying to reach the beam was hit. Steam from the broken sewer system billowed up, lit by flashes of oxidizing metal vapor. A human voice was ordering a retreat.

The mixed group of stragglers around her, a few Humans, a Turian, and even a Krogan they picked up around the way looked around, and then they looked at her.

"There's still hope. Someone must reach the beam. We must press forward for the good of the people who depend on us," it wasn't working. The Code drove her forward through centuries of grief, but she didn't know the words to rally the others. She never did. Shepard would have.

"I'm going..." let them follow her example if they will. Her conscience was clear.

"Incoming!" she heard a shout. She looked up into the eye of a Reaper and threw up her barrier around herself and around those closest to her. The light blinded her before she could close her eyes, and for a brief moment the barrier held.

A biotic wave knocked Samara out of the beam's path and behind a wall. The human teenager didn't even have time to scream. "Foolish," Samara cursed under her breath. She fumbled with one hand for her sidearm, wondering why she couldn't feel the other. When the pain came, she started reciting the Code. She didn't get past the first 20 laws.

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Shore Leave: Jack
PG-13 for sexual situations and language.
Warnings: Consensual but ethically ambiguous relationships. Body modification.
Summary: Jack gets new ink.

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Shore Leave: Zaeed
Mass Effect. Zaeed, PG-13 for sexual situations and language. One-shot.

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Not quite a drabble...

“What do you mean, you lost them?” Miranda glared at Mess Sergeant Gardner. “Do you know how much engineered Thellassian spider silk costs?”

“Yes, it’s a funny thing. I treated your load just like every other, as per your instructions ma’am. No different from any other special items I do for the crew. You know, my grandfather had a theory about laundry machines and teleportation, perhaps you should look into it.”

“Sargent, if I find reason to suspect that you’re selling my ... clothes... to a crew member with a fetish, I’ll have you both thrown off the ship at the first port. Dismissed Sergent.”


“Hey Sarge, what’s your secret? The coffee tastes less like ass this week.”

“I use old socks as a coffee filter, old family recipe.”

“No really, did Shepard pick up some better beans on Omega?”

“Yeah, yeah, you guys just don’t know what I’ll do to give you a good cuppa joe before saving the galaxy. Laugh it up girls.” Gardner underlined the words “Thellassian spider silk” in his copy of Galactic Gourmet and read on to the next section.
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Cut for people who don't like fanfic.

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