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Isis and the cake.

It's tough being a kid and a quasi-divine demigod or something.

Teen angst overload )
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Grim and Christa

Hey Ash, it's your sister Uma Marie!

I just called to let you know what weirdness is going on at 'ol Casa Lugosi. I'm so glad you managed to get off to college. I think the good news is that mom married Isis's mystery dad. She calls him "Grimmy," but I'm certain that's just a nickname.

The weirdest family of Strangetown just got weirder. )
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Chista and Death

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a fish tank, being watched for the entertainment of others.

“Because she is lady of Heaven, Her spouse is Lord of the Netherworld...” (From the Temple of Astet at Philae) )
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Way behind on my updates, but some previews:

The Fiery Godmother

More and bigger behind the cut. )
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Christa's Dream

I had the strangest dream last night, I really have no idea what the heck it was about.

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come... )
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Flying Baby Ash

Wed 3 AM: Sometimes I wonder, what is going on. Is there a benevolent god of sims just tossing us around like babies in the air?

The Epilogue to the Zombie Maid Saga )
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"Well, at least she died on the phone," Ashley Lugosi sobbed as the Grim Reaper vanished taking away his beloved sister. Little did he realize the chain of events that he was about to put in motion.

Death and Madness! )
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The Zombie Maid, Genesis Lam tried to make herself useful to her new hosts, while finding her own place.

 A family story of Zombiephilia and Betrayal. )
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A mostly normal family becoming stranger with each generation.

Of course, things didn't quite work out as planned. But that's the way the game works.

Read more... )


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