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Netflix is a mixed bag. Somedays you get something you want to watch right away. Other days you get a double-feature of Kill Bill Part 1 and Sweeney Todd, two movies I have to get into the mood for.

But in other news:

Mexico City school systems distributes sex education booklet that includes discussion of alternate sexualities and birth control. Conservative parental groups are outraged.

Comics With Problems presents Homosexuality: Legitimate Alternate Deathstyle that includes such shocking revelations as "seminal fluid is swallowed" and "most of the contacts involve kissing."

Cool stuff

Jul. 16th, 2008 10:21 am
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Lesser known superheroes: a brilliant comic collection of superheroes in everyday life. "Larry traveled back in time to retire. He’s a cop, or rather, was a cop from the year 3000. He likes our time, he can relax, and nobody bothers him about his jumpsuit."

Beyond Masculinity: a previously published anthology brought online in html, pdf, and audiobook format.

Part of the problem is that we are bothering to taxonomize our sexuality in the first place. There are no psychologists charting out the percentage of people who prefer broccoli to asparagus, no pastors decrying the sinfulness of enjoying chocolate rather than vanilla. I have little doubt that these preferences are equally complicated as sexual orientation (broccoli goes better with stir-fry, but what about barbecued in tin-foil? Normally I like chocolate, but the other day, vanilla really hit the spot), but we simply don’t bother to categorize people that way. -Patrick Julius

The current This American Life is worthwile for one reason: popularizing the term modern jackass for those moments when you extrapolate a lot of BS from a tiny bit of knowledge.

The State We're In from Radio Netherlands is one of those things I love about international broadcasting, an hour focused on human rights. But tooling around for international English radio broadcasts on shortwave is helpful for at least providing some perspective at how much of a tempest in a teapot American politics is.

The two funniest things I heard on SW last night, an American evangelist who managed to link Bush, Obama, and Harry Potter to the antichrist in one seamless end-time paranoia rant, and hitting Radio Habana Cuba at 6000kHz to hear an extended discussion about how to convert a vacuum tube radio to solid-state components.
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A nice list of portable appplications that save their preferences and settings onto a USB drive.

Portable opera.

User javascript to make Google Docs opera-friendly.


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