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Episode 2.23: Regeneration

Blatant fanfic episode based off of Star Trek First Contact. The Borg try to joyride their way back to the collective using found humans and suborbital junker.

Phlox being Phlox: 8
Serious Archer is Serious: 10
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey: 8
Malcolm Blows Stuff Up: 5
Trip Fixes Stuff: 5
Archer Moralizes: 5

Episode 2.24: First Flight

Let me tell you a story, about a young pilot with nothing to his name but an experimental warp drive. But let me tell you, that young Archer had heart.

Let Me Tell You a Story: 10
History, Future History: 10
Damn Vulcans: 5
Have You Tried Reversing the Polarity?: 6
Archer and T'Poll: 10
Archer Moralizes: 8

Episode 2.25: Bounty

Archer is kidnaped by a bounty hunter. Little else happens.

Damn Klingons!: 5
Hello, Dad. I'm in Jail!: 10
Law and Disorder: 8
Archer Moralizes: 10

Episode 2.26: The Expanse

Round weapony thingy blasts the Earth. Timey Wimey temporal cold war type stuff. And stuff that's derivative of a fair bit of space horror ala Event Horizon. Mostly, the writers telegraph that instead of pissing about a multi-episode story arc, they're going to telegraph the heck out of it. It's really a big mess.

Good science fiction writers hesitate to step into time travel narratives.

Damn Vulcans!: 5
The Science Directorate has Determined that Time Travel is Fucking Hard to Write Well: 10
Archer Moralizes: 8
What Prime Directive?: 6

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Episode 2.20: Horizon

Travis visits his childhood home on a freighter. Family drama ensues.

In Space, We Talk about Food: 10
Travis Not At Helm: 10
Damn Starfleet!: 8
Crew has Family: 10

Episode 2.21: The Breach

Travis, Trip, and Malcolm go Spelunking for Denobulans. Phlox has moral conflict about patient.

In Space, We Talk about Poop: 3
Travis Not At Helm: 8
Denobulans!: 10
Phlox being Phlox: 10
Phlox the Moralist: 10

Episode 2.22: Cogenetor

Enterprise has encounter with three-gendered aliens. Trip gets over his head in meddling while Archer gets cozy with the captain. Phlox has pictures of alien sex. Episode concludes with Archer lecturing Trip about the morality of meddling.

In Space, We Talk about Food: 10
Alien Sex: 8
Phlox being Phlox: 5
T'Pol Disapproves: 5
Trip the Diplomat: 10
What Prime Directive?: 10

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Episode 2.17: Canamar

Jailbreak in space, again. Trip bonds with the natives, again.

In space, we talk about the food: 5
Jailhouse Rock: 10
Archer Lectures: 6
Metaphor for... : 3

Episode 2.18: The Crossing

Trip gets stoned on space etherials. Malcolm flirts. Phlox saves the Enterprise. The crew spends more time on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah, they have their existential angst on the catwalk.

In space, we talk about the food: 10
Thank Gawd Trip's a Country Boy: 8
Trip Gets Intimate with Alien: 8
Action Girl Yoshi: 3
Phlox being Phlox: 7
T'Pol Disapproves: 10 (With innuendo.)

Episode 2.19: Judgement

Archer ends up in Klingon jail, and lectures the Klingons about their own justice system.

Klingons!: 10
Jailhouse Rock: 10
In space, we talk about the food: 3
Archer Lectures: 10
Metaphor for...: 5

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ST: Enterprise: Episode 2.7 The Seventh

Archer and Mayweather help T'Pol catch a Vulcan fugitive. Backstory, backstory, backstory.

T'Pol Disapproves: 8
T'Pol Has Feels: 10
Vulcans!: 10
Alien Diner: 10

ST: Enterprise: Episode 2.8 The Communicator

Reed looses his communicator at alien diner. Military shenanigans. Malcolm tries to sacrifice himself, again.

T'Pol Disapproves: 3
In Space, We Talk about Food: 1
Alien Diner: 2
Reed Roughed Up: 8
Archer Roughed Up: 8
We Oughta Have a Law: 10
Phlox being Phlox: 2
Translator Hoshi: 2
Trip Fixes Stuff: 4

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Episode 2.2: "Carbon Creek"

While eating food, T'Pol tells Jon and Trip the story of her great grandmother visiting Earth in the 1950s, where she buys food.

T'Pol Disapproves: 10 (with inuendo)
Vulcans!: 10
In Space, We Talk about Food: 6
What Prime Directive?: 8

Episode 2.3: "Minefield"

A friendly breakfast between Malcom and John is interrupted by Romulan space mines. A defuse the bomb episode.

T'Pol Disapproves: 2
Phlox being Phlox: 8
Translator Hoshi: 5
Explosions in Space!: 10
Top-Gun Travis: 8

Episode 2.4 "Dead Stop"

Needing repairs, the crew of the Enterprise drop in on a mysteriously efficient galactic quick-lube station, where they are served food.

T'Pol Disapproves: 2
Phlox being Phlox: 8
Explosions in Space!: 10
It's Not What it Seems: 10
Trip and Malcom in Trouble: 5
In Space, We Talk about Food: 4


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