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Playing heavily into Sims 3 lately, even split my legacy family in two and sent the younger brother off to start a new legacy. I'm enjoying the fact that I'm probably at generation seven or eight and my core neighborhood hasn't shown signs of blowing up yet. I don't feel like extensively documenting my game with screenshots, but as a rough synopsis:

Janet Martinez: I really should have documented the drama. While she was pregnant with her second son by a hot-headed, inappropriate, and commitment-phobic husband, he made a pass at one of her moms at a birthday party. Things quickly degenerated from there with a mutual insulting match, a crying toddler, and a mess of unhappy party guests. Of course, it made working with the toddler more difficult.

Michael Martinez: Married the maid and moved off to another community.

Used tax return funds to buy Portal 2. I'm loving the lush and decrepit environments and black humor. I've been trying to stay away from spoilers so I won't add any of my own. The puzzles so far feel more cognitive and less twitch than the original.

Nibbling my way through NWN and Dragon Age 2 playthroughs over the weekend as well.
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Ever reach a point where you just gotta stick a fork in it and call it done?

Title: Deflections
Characters: m!Hawke, Aveline, Isabela, Varric
Summary: Everyone seems to have an opinion about Hawke’s love life. (One-shot story.)
Spoilers: Act 3
Rating: PG-13, language and inferred sexual situations

Yes, I write fanfiction, and have a thing for Dwarves. )
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Title: Two Strict Drabbles about Aveline
Rating: T
Characters: Aveline/Donnic

mild spoilers for act 2 )
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Finished my first DA2 playthrough...

spoilers )
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Some character thoughts after completing Act 1 of Dragon Age II:

Mild spoilers. )


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