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Oh benevolent god, if it's not one disaster this week, it's another!

If you think college was tough... )
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The family just keeps growing and growing.

Kids and servos, oh my! )
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Marie depressed

Even though it was time for me to go, I didn't want to. How can I have a fabulous life outside of college?

A double-wedding, a birth, and a job. )
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Kate & Pistachio

Hah, they will never catch me. My modestly illegal plan for world domination is foolproof.

What? Did you catch me monologing again? )
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Party at the AH house

Ugh, I must be suffering some kind of senioritis. When I originally joined Alien Heritage I thought it would be just a load of laughs and games. But now I'm just, like getting a bit sick of all this.

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Karl and Martina

You must be, like crazy for reading my diary....

But since you are gonna anyway... )
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Dear dairy;

My college dream has come true. Hermionie asked me to move into the Alien Heritage House.

College Mayhem! )
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From: Informant M.
To: YSC(PIT)W, Strangetown Unit
Subject: Surveillance of Super Criminals (probationary, in training) at Sim State University

For reasons unknown to the informant, the primary subject and companions have moved off-campus, perhaps in an attempt to create a secret hideout.

Confidential! Top Secret! Don't Peek! We are watching! )
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I got this letter from Mom today. It's nice to know that things are going OK at home. But I'm worried about some things.

Family Weirdness! )
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I'm so glad that I'm at University now, those High School boys are like, so immature. I can't believe how lame they are.

Teen Angst & Hormones! )
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Dear Diary,

I can't believe what Kate just revealed to me. I know she was a bit weird, but I always thought it was because she is a bit smarter than everyone else....

Secrets Revealed! Relationships Strained! Subcultural References! )
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Dear Diary,

It's actually been a bit slow the last few days since MomGaz died. I think we are still trying to figure out what to do with ourselves.

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Many years have passed since cosmic brothers Pascal and Vidcund Curious were pollinated by alien abduction. One of their daughters went on to start a family of her own, this is their story.

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