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Jun. 5th, 2017

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"I'm Proud to Be Bi — So Why Haven't I Come Out to My Parents?"

They say coming out is a constant thing, that it's never over. People spend all their lives coming out again and again and again in small and big ways. You come out to your friends, your siblings, your co-workers, your parents. . . . There's so much focus on the big moment of "coming out" now, the dreaded "Mom, Dad, I'm gay," but that's only a sliver of the reality. Each time it's a little thrill of fear in the back of your throat, even in my case. After telling my brother, my friends, my co-workers, strangers in bars and at parties, a cousin or two, even the internet, somehow I've still yet to tell my parents that I'm queer.

-- Rachel Crowley @ POPSUGAR

"I'm Proudly Bisexual—and Being Married to a Man Doesn't Change That"

It took me an entire year of working at a national LGBTQ organization to stop subscribing to the one of the biggest myths society perpetuates about bisexuality. I thought that since I’m happily married to my husband, Scott, there was no reason to “come out” as bisexual because people would never understand. I was convinced I’d lost my opportunity to come out and should have done it when I was single and had the chance.

Eventually, stifling a major part of my identity became too much to bear. I realized that I needed to be who I am, regardless of my marriage to a man, because that was the only way to give my authentic self room to breathe.

-- Candace Bond-Theriaut @ Self

"Why I’ll Be Holding onto These Five Nuanced and Inspiring Bisexual Characters for Dear Life This Pride"

And so now, whenever I see a character who is without-question, canonically bisexual in a TV show or film, I latch onto them for dear life.

-- Teresa Jusino @ The Mary Sue

"FPSs and dysphoria"

My discomfort in playing as men in first-person games comes from years and years and years of playing that character so deeply and convincingly in my daily life that it has caused deep and lasting harm to myself, both my body and my soul. I am tired of playing as that character. I want to play as me, or at least as someone who is not that. Games are a place of escape for me. They always have been.

-- Niamh @ I Need Diverse Games

“Pick Your Poison: Character Creation & The Gender Binary”

And not only for me. There are a bunch of trans gamers out there—and a bunch of specifically nonbinary trans gamers. There’s also a bunch of cis gamers who either would like more flexible character creation or, to be honest, could do with realizing not everyone is ‘like them’—even if most of the world likes to pretend that’s the case. Most importantly, though, there are a bunch of gamers who are figuring themselves out, and the opportunity to try out different gender identities and pronouns with no real-world implications could be invaluable to that process. I know I still don’t have answers to a lot of gender questions, and being able to feel out my gender through my virtual self would be incredibly useful.

-- Teddy @ Femhype


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