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May. 28th, 2017

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is not only holding a Bi Pride march on June 9, they have an anthem.


Jill Soloway

Transparent director Jill Soloway describes her experience of being trans:

I identify as trans, which means that I am not seeking to synthesise my appearance with the label assigned to me at birth and instead am opting to live in a space where a label other than male or female is used to define me.

-- Jill Soloway @ The Guardian

India Fashion Shoot

Amit Bittoo explores the pressures faced by bi men in a fashion shoot.

Eliel Cruz on Identity Labels

There are over thirty different identity labels in the Bi+ umbrella. At national events like the Bisexual Community Briefing at the White House, the vast majority of those labels are represented. It would be surprising to many who get into these identity label arguments that some of our bi leaders identify as pansexual, queer, or fluid in their day to day but understand the importance of coming together as a non-monosexual community under the Bi+ Umbrella.

This is why I don’t engage in these arguments. My work as an activist centers our community and the disparities we face. Arguing labels isn’t productive and doesn’t do anything that tangibly benefits our community. What we can focus on is the unique reasons why we choose our identity labels, how as a community we face the same struggles, and ways we can work together.

-- Eliel Cruz @ Bi.org


Leah Schnelbach revisits Samuel R. Delany's Babel-17:

In order to find Navigation team for her ship, Rydra has to hire a Triple – three people involved in a complex marriage/psychological bond. Their ability to steer the ship and think their way out of tight spots is directly connected to their ability to communicate with each other, and foster a healthy and loving three-way-relationship. When she finds Callie and Ron, the two remaining members of a former Triple, she takes the time to find them a new One at the morgue. (In Delany’s future, people who are depressed can cryo-freeze themselves for a while) Rydra finds a woman, Mollya, who had herself frozen when her previous Two and Three died. After she’s resurrected, considers the two men before her, and decides to take another shot at love—but there’s a catch. Rydra has specifically found a Callie and Ron a woman who only speaks Ki-Swahili, because the three will need to find more direct ways to communicate than speech alone can provide.

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I completed my first pattern in years, a boomerang scarf using some hand-dyed yarn I picked up when I was in Indiana during my sister's memorial.

Yarn: Hand-dyed merino/nylon blend from Frankofille Knits
Pattern: Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang
Needle: US 6 circular bamboo

RS: KFB at the start of row. K2T at the end of row.
WS: slip one at start of row, KFB and slip one at end of row.

Horizontal rib pattern:
5 rows stockinette
1 row reverse stockinette
5 rows stockinette
3 rows reverse stockinette

boomerang scarf

boomerang scarf detail

still life with cat


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